Educational, Informative and FUN! These bring the key CBT concepts on Mood, Anxiety, Stress etc to any group format. Handouts are supplied and a variety of presentation styles are used to engage the audience—who leave with both knowledge and enjoyment! Choose between shorter seminars, usually half days, or longer more interactive workshops, usually over one or two days. These can be tailor made on any theme or topic to suit the needs and requirements of any group or workplace.


Weekly one-to-one sessions to help understand why/how issues have arisen, teach you how to change unhelpful habits, & instil lifelong healthier attitudes and behaviours. Materials and handouts are supplied weekly, which build into a lifetime resource that can be used again and again, long after therapy has finished. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teaches you to become your own therapist, which gives it its scientifically proven strength as one of the leading therapies for relapse prevention.


Stuck for time? Just one issue causing concern or consternation? In a single 90-minute session learn key skills and techniques to both identify the causes, and then how to tackle, the specific thoughts and behaviours involved. Gain clarity on how and why it’s happening, and leave with a plan to get out of this unhelpful loop.


Over the course of four weeks, learn in more detail about any of a number of issues—from anxiety to stress management. These plans can be provided on-site in Dungarvan for small groups (up to 8 people) or can be presented in any suitable venue, in groups of any size. These can be presented as part of any Workplace Wellbeing support for employees, or to any club/group/organisation. A fantastic resource to provide for your employees or community—in a time where we’re all being told “it’s good to talk” but rarely given practical, proven to work strategies, these plans provide information to understand, and easy-to-use tools to manage the stresses and challenges of daily living.
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