There are a number of excellent sites that have freely accessible information on the various mental health issues – my favourites are:

- Lots and lots of information sheets, guides and summaries, nice graphics, and easy to use/follow.

- resources, a little bit more ‘technical’/complex – formulations, theories, etc.

- This Australian site has the most detailed resources available for free – lots of issues covered in 7/8 part workbooks, that you can work through yourself in your own time.


- The entire Overcoming series are excellent books written by leading CBT experts in each field. If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page, you’ll see the whole series, every topic covered.

- Ruby Wax has written 3 excellent books on anxiety, depression, and how our minds work – brash, but funny!

- Mark Manson is even more brash, but really cuts to the core of so many of today’s issues..

- If you like a bit more detail on how our brains work, neuroscientist Dean Burnett is great

- Great to see an Irish author producing a great book on anxiety!


If you drive a lot, or walk a lot, invest in Audible. Almost every book can be listened to, and sometimes gets around trying to ‘fit everything in’.
But some old-fashioned CDs are still out there, and worth the investment!


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