Success Vs Values

What’s important to you? What matters in your life? An outcome? Or how you achieved it? If we pin everything on 1 specific or narrow goal, that’s much easier to miss. AND can leave us feeling like we failed. While ignoring or not acknowledging all the effort we put in & how hard we tried. Effect on mood? Drops like a stone. Effect on motivation? “What’s the point in trying?” Left feeling? Like crap. Instead, try working on broadening your gaze. Step back. Look at your improvements, your progress, your LEARNING. If your values are about being a better person, friend, worker, parent, or healthier / fitter / stronger, mentally &/ physically, then even on the days the outcome falls short of what you hoped for, all your hard work won’t be undone by narrow, toxic thinking. Successes come and go. Values stay with you forever.

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  • SuccessVValues

    Success Vs Values

    What’s important to you? What matters in your life? An outcome? Or how you achieved it?…

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