When you make a mistake, or have a ‘slip’ on your health/food/study plan, or get something wrong – how do you react?
  • Do you berate yourself? “Typical me… Can’t do anything right..”
  • Or do you feel hopeless & think “I knew there was no point trying, I’m so useless….”
  • Or do you look at others & think “No-one else does this, I’m the only one as bad as this…”
These thoughts then kick off a negative loop of guilt – & all the other emotions associated with it- anger, gloom & doom, shame… So! Sound good? Sound helpful?! No? Then let’s change this loop by thinking differently about mistakes/errors of judgment..
  1. Mistakes are how we learn. If we never made them, we’d never improve at anything.
  2. We’re human. So we never get everything right all the time, slips / setbacks help us appreciate the successes when they come – cos we’ve EARNED them. Remember- the easy stuff is easy!!
  3. Sometimes we need a break. From the pressure we all find ourselves under these days – whether at work, college, SM, society, family… we want off the hamster wheel!! So we break the plan, ‘treat’ ourselves, don’t care for a while..
THESE ARE ALL OK – For a LITTLE break, a recharge, a re-set. The KEY to not letting breaks become disasters is ENJOY them, understand why, then stop, & get back on plan – without looking back with regret. Enjoy. Understand. Move On.

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