Thoughts are not always true


“Where’s the EVIDENCE?” is a simple, but brilliant question, when dealing with #Anxiety. Typical thoughts that

“What if I fail again….?”

“I’ll never change…”

“They’ll think I’m stupid….”

If you can find 3 facts that prove your thought (I mean Judge Judy would buy them!) then the thought is probably true, & you might need to look at changing behaviour (study more, learn how to change, keep away from horrible people)

But if all you’re coming up with is fears, predictions, memories, THESE ARE NOT FACTS! & you need to look at changing your thinking.

Remember- it’s not the event, it’s how you re-act to it that matters.

It’s not the situation, it’s your perspective, that dictates how you feel

Make your thoughts PROVE that they’re true.

Demand rock solid EVIDENCE.

Use this worksheet to help work through a ‘hard to dispute’ thought..


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