Positive Thinking?!!

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This phrase drives me mad!! Our pre-occupation with all things “positive” & our relentless drive for one emotion (“I should be happy. Why am I not happy?”) above all others, is ruining our peace of mind & sense of wellbeing. Life is NOT positive. It’s made up of lots of different experiences- some good, some bad, some easy, some really challenging. We experience dozens of emotions every day, which reflect all those experiences. Seeing one as ‘right’ or ‘better’ above all the others, negates the rest. NOT GOOD. A much more relevant & helpful question (than endless musings on our happiness) is “WHY am I doing what I’m doing?” Then, even if the task is boring, or mundane, or difficult, or painful, or really daunting, that sense of purpose changes it from being “good” or “bad” to MEANINGFUL. So – the crappy job that’s a pain in the arse, but is helping you save for a car/holiday/deposit on your 1st home, that degree /course that’s REALLY tough, but gets you that’s dream job, that gym programme that’s heartache on a Sat morning, but you feel so strong afterwards, that surgery / treatment that’s so scary, but gives you the best chance to finally get well – now we know what we’re at. It’s the WHY. Don’t make “happy” your priority – and don’t worry trying to make everything ‘Positive’. It’s PURPOSE that gets us through the day.

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